Quality Tourism NODE



The NODE Program for the competitiveness, is financed by CORFO and its general objective is create and articulate networking among entrepreneurs and small business people promoting collaboration between peers, links  with other relevant actors of the industry and with different sources of information, thus contributing to improve the profitability of each business.


The objective of this NODE is to articulate a tourist business network, based on the quality of provision of accommodation services preferably in the communes of Santiago and Providencia, through the implementation of standard- based business in national legislation tourism policy, and areas of sustainability, along with the application of collaborative work and diffusion models.

On this basis, the Metropolitan Technological University aims to generate a model of support, which allows the auto implementation of quality standards in tourist accommodation establishments, through the training of leaders in quality and networking activities and relationship with peers and the environment.


The target group to strengthen corresponds to small and medium-sized enterprises that offer tourist accommodation in the Metropolitan Region (such as hotels, hostels, bed & breakfast, hostels and residential) that are still not certified under the respective Chilean tourism standards and demonstrating gaps both in requirements related as in others that affect the level of service.

The work will begin with diagnostic activities with 60 companies that are registered and inspected by SERNATUR previously. Of these, 40 will be selected as beneficiaries, and classified those that actually have merit to participate in the program and demonstrate can efficiently apply the methodology of auto-implementation of quality standards in companies.


The project aims to install skills and abilities in business by developing a program of activities to level the participants on issues of quality and business skills, considering the following specific objectives:

  1. Identify and assess the quality of tourist accommodation beneficiaries, for the determination of individual and common gaps.
  1. Increase the quality levels of the beneficiaries served, by incorporating skills, competencies and tools to business leaders, in order to improve its competitiveness.
  2. Facilitate and support the connection and linkage of a group of businessmen among their peers and with the environment, as a source of value creation and new business.

All this will be achieved through workshops and consulting business training, talks on advice on building tools, development of linking tools, private tourism sector and mass events.


  • Participate free of the above activities to enhance their business.
  • Incorporate improvements in management, quality and competitiveness levels in their companies.
  • Access networks and alliances as a result of their participation.
  • Award of new projects during the implementation of the NODE.

CONTACT: nodo@lideresenturismo.cl