A new Tourist Route for Tortel

Route glaciers, was born as expression of the development of the strengthening node of the competitiveness of the tourist offer in the commune of Tortel, is at the stage of design of tourist products based on routes or circuits of tourism of special interests that are directly related to one of the main natural attractions of this commune, this is, constitute a neuralgic point of access to the Ice Fields North and South.

The evaluation of alternatives for the path or circuit insert in a tourism product of special interests in this commune is performed in the options presented to access the glacier Steffen, located in the southern section of Northern Ice Field, and/or the glacier Jorge Montt, which represents the access Northern to Southern Ice Fields.

The glacier Steffen is accessible by a combination of navigation and trekking that, following the course of the river Huemules, allows the visitor come into direct contact to the lagoon that the same ice flakes are generating in its merger.

The Jorge Montt glacier, due to its location, will receive gradually to the visitor while is navigating the Patagonian fjords, begin noting the icebergs that indicate its proximity, which increases gradually, and offer the spectacle of navigating against the backdrop of the Patagonian ice falling into oceanic waters.

The optimization of the different means used by tourists, as well as the active participation of the local community in the various sections presenting routes of access to the glaciers, form part of the challenge. It also values the natural  environment natural and cultural resources which enrich the visitor’s experience, aims to energize this tourist destination.


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