A New Tourist Route for O’Higgins

Glaciers Route, as an expression of the development of the Stenghtening Node on the Competitiveness fo the Touris Offer in the commune of O’Higgins, is in its design stage of tproducts based tourist routes and /or circuits of special interests touris that are directly related to the main natural attractions of this commune, Southern Ice Field.
The logical path of  approach to this wonder of nature , from the communal capital of Villa O’Higgins, is mainly by navigation through navigation on the lake O’Higgings to appreciate the  homonymous glacier from smaller boats that are quite close to the  wall near  the 80 meters with which this hook to the boby lake , or by means of trekking from the town of Candelario Mansilla or the peninsula La Carmela. activity that allows you to access natural veiwpoints taht enable the glacier tongue sagging from the main mass of ancient glaciers, from an altitude close to 800 meters.

The optimization of the various means employed by the tourists, as well as the active participation of the local community in the various sections that the paths to the glaciers present, form part of the challenge. Also,  the value of the natural and cultural resources existing in the environment, which enrich the visitor’s experience, aims to energize this tourist destination.


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