Adventure Tourism Project

The program “Destination Management Training of the Province of Captain Prat” is a program founded by the Regional Government of Aysen, which runs from the year 2012, awarded to the Metropolitan Technological University, the execution of the tender called “ADMINISTRATIVE SUPPORT and TICS FOR ENTREPENEURSHIP ADVENTURE TOURISM, CAPTAIN PRAT PROVINCE” within the framework of its strategic guidelines, including the following:

  • Training for leveling of tourist offer.
  • Networking and coordination between the public and private sector.
  • Promoting the offer through its culture and attractions.

Currently the Province of captain Prat (PCP) composed of the municipalities of Cochrane, Tortel and O’Higgins has a great diversity of natural tourist attractions, which is essential if you want to view the territory as a tourist destination.

One of the problems detected in the province is the level of formalization of the endeavors of adventure tourism, given the amount of barriers that have for a very stationary activity. This limits the proper development and promotion of one of the provinces with more natural attractions of the country.

With the support of the endeavor, SERNATUR seeks to increase the level of formalization, pointing to generate an entrepreneurial culture to meet the standards required by the National Tourism Service for the provision of service of Adventure Tourism Travel Service. In addition, along with the formalization it becomes possible the promotion of the activity, and it is expected an increase in the demand of services, which would result in the generation of new and better jobs for the province.