Proyecto Ruta Glaciares

GLACIERS ROUTE is born from the project “Strengthening the competitiveness of tourism Offer through the Development of Tourist Products of Special Interests, communes of Tortel and O’Higgins, Captain Prat Province, XI Region of Aysen, Code:13NODO-25355”.

The Metropolitan Technological University through the work performed on the basis of framework agreements of collaboration with CONAF and the municipalities of O’Higgins and Tortel among others, has achieved the approval of an initiative in Captain Prat Province , supported by CORFO, which has as purpose valuing unpopulated territories in extreme areas, delivering arguments of territorial sovereignty through work with local communities, taking the Southern Ice Field to turn it into an asset for the community.

For this, we will work with a “node for the competitiveness” program that runs for 24 months from January 2014 and will have as beneficiaries to 55 small businesses of the communes of O’Higgins an Tortel, which will receive training, access to network and advice to be incorporated into the tourist offer for the development of touristic products involving Southern Ice Field.


Design and begin sustainable tourism products around the special interest tourism in the communes of Tortel and O’Higgins, benefiting local actors and boosting the socio-economic growth of the destination by improving competitiveness of smaller companies and improving access to networking, promotion and marketing.

Project summary: This project responds to strategic opportunity that the communes of Tortel and O’Higgins (Province of Captain Prat, Aysen Region) have due to its location within the regional territorial context. The condition of marginality and operational logistics, by distance and position with regard to the regional capital, can be overcome by the opportunity presented by the territory, combining elements favorable to the development of tourist products relating  to  special interest tourism of high standard, such as the natural and cultural heritage, which lets you create a tourist destination that is characterized by the development of activities such as Mountain Tourism, Eco-Tourism, Adventure Tourism and Scientific Tourism, among others.

Fulfilling one of its specific objectives of this project, designing the brand image of the products (routes and/ or circuits) of special interest tourism, gathered in “RUTAGLACIARES” in order to promote, and thus position a comprehensive offer, managing to integrate and articulate networks necessary for effective communication.