• Spacious, warm and cozy restaurant to taste typical dishes of the South of Chile like cazuelas, fish, roast lamb and beef. In addition, you can enjoy a wide range of wines and domestic and imported beers.


    ADDRESS: Carretera Austral n/n, northern access.

    TELEPHONE NUMBER: 66215046  /  73872481  /  67431810

    EMAIL ADDRESS:  /  www.cabañ



    • TYPE OF SERVICE: Menu and a la carte menu.
    • Chilean food, beef, fish, lamb roast al palo, variety of garnish and salads.


    • 2 dining rooms
    • 15 tables


    • Garden, terrace and barbecue grill shed.
    • Events and events saloon.
    • Private parking lot.
    • It also offers guide for trekking, recreational fish, especial trips and accommodation.
    • It has no Internet.



     OPENING HOURS: Daytime.

    FORMS OF PAYMENT: Cash and checks.

    Special conditions can be set for groups.

    We do not accept credit cards.

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