Sernatur Aysén carries out public-private working table in Caleta Tortel.

IMG_3368-2-1024x704With the aim of promoting the development of the activities by 2015 of the Program Management of destination of the Province Captain Prat, the seventh Bureau of work public-private was held and a tour of the attractions and services offered by the commune of Tortel. On the occasion, it was attended by tourism entrepreneurs and syndicate leaders of the three communes in the province, in addition to the technical teams of the municipality of Tortel and Sernatur Aysén Region, led by mayor (s) of the Municipality of Tortel, Rodrigo Maldonado, and by the regional director of Sernatur, Gabriel Inostroza.

On behalf of the private sector, on the part of the commune of Cochrane, participated entrepreneurs and leaders trade associations of grouping of Guides of Cochrane, the Artisan Flowers of El Calafate, the grouping of Sustainable Tourism, Rural Tourism Network The Rivers and the Club Sport Adventure. In the commune of Tortel, meanwhile, were present the Grouping glaciers of the South and the Band Southern Patagonia. In turn, on behalf of the commune of O’Higgins,e was present for the A. G. Tourism, Trade, Transport and construction.

The bureau of work was carried out in the room of the Municipal Council of the Illustrious Municipality of Tortel and was intended as a means to account for the main actions taken to date by the Program Destination Management, in addition to agree actions to develop during the year 2015. Among the major agreements reached, the next a Bi-regional Meeting Aysen-Magellan, which will take place shortly in Villa O’Higgins. The purpose of this meeting will be to establish business alliances between tour operators in the Province of Captain Prat, Aysén Region, and tourism operators in Puerto Natales, in order to consolidate a tourism corridor between the two regions.

The tour was designed to help the local tour operators know the attractions and tourist offer of the commune of Tortel, in such a way as to be promoted among themselves and to establish business alliances that allow derive flows of tourists between the three communes in the province.

This way, the businessmen visited the main tourist attractions in the commune of Tortel, as the wooden walkways, the historical monument Island of the Dead, the glacier Jorge Montt and the glacier Steffen. Similarly, they knew different tourist services local Caleta Tortel, such as residential Future, the residential Brisas del Sur, the Lodge Ente Hielos, the Restaurant SAbores Locales, the Restaurant El Mirador, in addition to different boats that provide navigation services, such as Paz Austral, Isluga and Iceberg.

Karla Rojas, chairman of the Group Sustainable Tourism of Cochrane, indicated that “this is a great opportunity of projection that this is being done in the Path of glaciers, because considerable resources were being allocated to the province, but I also believe that we have to be strategic and see how we are going to make efficient use of these resources. We want to develop a local economy, but also take care of the environment and that there is emphasis on the protection of the waters of the region”.

In this regard, the regional director of Sernatur, Gabriel Inostroza, stressed the commitment of projecting the tourism, and reconciling the social equity with the conservation of the environment and the profitability of the business: “Without a doubt, the intention is to give projection to tourism, but we also want to ensure that this growth is sustainable and harmonious with the environment.”

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