You can see the Carretera Austral to Villa O’Higgins with Google Street View

gsview-1Now you can see it. Travel around Aysen. The service Google Street View already allows you to view images of the Southern Road in 360 º, with impressive level of detail. The tour makes it possible to know the Carretera Austral in a virtual way in all its extension, passing by Cerro Castillo, Puerto Tranquilo, Bertrand, Cochrane, Tortel, Villa O’Higgins and reaching the last kilometer in the Lake O’Higgins.

Along Villa O’Higgins, the photographs captured the operation that was carried out in the aerodrome, when helicopters moved the shelters in the area of Ventisquero Chico.

Along with the Carretera Austral, are also available, border crossings Jeinimeni and Fronterizo Zeballos/Entry Baker. In Argentina, is also available the Route 40, Gobernador Gregores and El Chaltén.

Google Street View is a feature of Google Maps and Google Earth that provides panoramic street-level (360 degrees of horizontal movement and 290 degrees of vertical movement), allowing users to view parts of the selected cities and their major routes. It was introduced in the first place, in the United States the year 2007 and since then has expanded to the whole world, arriving in October 2014 to Villa O’Higgins, in the south end of the Austral Highway.

You can navigate through these images using the cursors of the keyboard or using the mouse. Using the cursor you can tour the route from the perspective that the user wants to, as well as zoom in or out with the zoom. The level of detail is so high that even some pets are visible in the different directions, but not the faces of the people and patents of cars that are faded.

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