This afternoon a Raid of seven aircraft arrived at Villa O’Higgins

11009219_10153098051304841_6028239940705176603_nA Raid of seven from ultralight aircraft of Osorno and Santiago arrived at Villa O’Higgins in this afternoon.

The overflight and landing of the small aircraft had aroused the curiosity of the local population who went the aerodrome to share some minutes with the pilots and appreciate the different models of aircraft whose weight does not exceed 150 kgs and who are able to develop a speed of 120 km/h.

The raid of ultralight will continue this Thursday early in the morning toward South Ice Field, until the area of the the four glaciers and the plateau of all mothers, to return to the north, flying over Tortel and Laguna San Rafael.

The meteorological conditions will be favorable for the flight of these ships in the next 48 hours, then you will enter a condition of instability in the region of Aysén, moment in which the adventurers expect that they have left our region.


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