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    Sernatur Aysén carries out public-private working table in Caleta Tortel.

    With the aim of promoting the development of the activities by 2015 of the Program Management of destination of the Province Captain Prat, the seventh Bureau of work public-private was held and a tour of the attractions and services offered by the commune of Tortel. On the occasion, it was attended by tourism entrepreneurs and […]

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    El Dragón de la Patagonia, the king of ice and icebergs

    These are the secrets of one of the most fascincating extremophile of the planet, the only thing that survives insert in the glacial ice. In Villa O’Higgins, we are looking for. The obsession of explorers in the search for fantastic inhabitants on extreme territories throughout the world, has led to the appearance of mythical creatures […]

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    This afternoon a Raid of seven aircraft arrived at Villa O’Higgins

    A Raid of seven from ultralight aircraft of Osorno and Santiago arrived at Villa O’Higgins in this afternoon. The overflight and landing of the small aircraft had aroused the curiosity of the local population who went the aerodrome to share some minutes with the pilots and appreciate the different models of aircraft whose weight does […]